#126 - Where did the time go?

I am going to keep this brief - I promise!

Because, to be totally honest and transparent here, I am exhausted.

The fact that it's December 5th and I haven't put out one decoration or made a Hanukah list for my kids is saying something.

And it's telling me that I am tired.

I am ready for a break. A break from:


📍 my computer

📍 the constant dings and pings on my phone

📍 the emails pitching me to buy a bunch of crap

📍 the news

and the list can go on and on. But I won't bore you with that.


Instead, I am going to re-evaluate what's important. Take a look t my list from last year and prioritize what I want next year to look like.


One of the tools that I use to help me do that is the 360 Review. It's the perfect time of year to take the temperature of what you have accomplished ( or didn't), what you want your life to look like in the future, and where you are today.


My three tips today might help you lean into that.  

Tip #1
Instead of looking back on last year and thinking about all that you didn't do, make a list of what you did do. No matter how large or how small, it means something.


Tip #2

Make your wish list for what you want in the future. I have read that when you write something down and then say it out loud, you are 42% more likely to manifest it.



Tip #3
Be present and honest with yourself as to where you are right now. Most of those around me, including myself, are tired and a bit malcontent. It's okay - it will pass. But if you can look at that and start making decisions on how to change that, lots of other good things will follow.


 If you want to dive deeper, you can grab the 360 Review (it's a free pdf) here.


I will also be going over that exercise this Wednesday, December 7th at 9 am (PST). This will be my last free workshop of 2022.




In our time together we are going to talk about how to move forward and be okay with just doing enough. 




You can sign up here.



Anyway - have a great week! And if you have questions, email me!


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