From Scattered to Efficient

Get simple tools so that you can increase your productivity and reach a life-work balance!


Wednesday, December 7th at 9 am (PST).




Overwhelmed by your daily task list?

Building your roadmap and achieving your end goal doesn't have to be so damn hard!


Are you constantly stressed, confused, and overwhelmed by:

  •  what to do first and how and when to start 
  • the lack of a system and the strategy to overcome it
  • not being able to increase your impact or your income
  • the inability to prioritize and create a plan that works for you
  • inundated with distractions that prevent you from finishing your projects
  • where you put your digital files and assets and "O-M-G" what was that file's name 
  • all of your creative ideas but can't distill them down into a solid and simple plan 

Well, my friend - you're not alone! 


This is where I can help you!

How would you feel if:

you started your day knowing exactly what to focus on and had a solid strategy and plan to do that.


  • your creativity and your productivity doubled
  • it took you less time to elevate your revenue goals
  • your digital filing cabinet (a.k.a. your computer) was systematized and organized
  • had simple systems in place so that you could attack your To-Do list with clarity + focus
  • you identify and focus on your critical pillars in order to find the work-life balance you deserve
  • feeling validated and accomplished because of your new set of habits and rituals that lead you to big results

 Using my proven, step-by-step framework, you can achieve the results you have always hoped for. 


...will give you the tools and system to help you navigate and work through the overwhelm.

If you are ready to start every day feeling clear, focused, and energized, then you are ready for this live, virtual workshop.

I've helped lots of completely talented, totally lost professionals, artisans, visionaries, and creatives find their mojo, take charge, and increase their income by 300%!


Success starts with a solid plan that is both practical & manageable.  

In this live, virtual experience you will learn to create new habits that will show you how to create the life and business you want, distraction-free.


Hi, I'm Susan!

As a business strategist (my clients call me a business therapist) and growth expert, I have guided and helped hundreds of creatives and thought leaders build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

After 10k+ hours of reading, listening, and collating good information, I developed the 5 Stage Framework™,  which helped me launch three successful businesses - and I want to help you do the same!


Susan simplifies the complicated!

“As I was in the process of pivoting my career, I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to start. In a very distinct way Susan showed me how important it is to create a plan and a roadmap. Because she “simplifies the complicated”, she helped me break down all my big ideas into small bites so I can easily get from one step to the next. Her 5 Stage Framework helped me go from stuck to unstuck!”


- Brittany

I have been able to grow my business in ways I never dreamed possible.

"Susan guided and supported me in connecting more deeply to the work I have always loved the most and, the way to create my business plan in an up-leveled, let’s get a serious way!! With her explorative tools to get to the core of who we are and our unique message, I got clear on what I needed to do to really move my career and life forward. I had been stuck and now I am growing my business in ways I only dreamed of."


- Lori K.

I was overwhelmed!

"As a mother who was becoming empty-nested and about to dive into my next chapter, I was overwhelmed with how to plunge. I didn't know where to start. Susan and her team helped pull all of this together to roll out my business with a social media marketing strategy and brand identity with incredible impact."


- Laurey

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