I help people like you who are struggling professionally and personally create the life you want to have by focusing on the three S’s;

Strategy, Systems, and Structure

My mission is to help individuals discover the missing pieces needed in order to uncover all the possibilities. Using the 5 Stage Framework™ to focus on the aspirations of the individual, I help you achieve your vision in a utilitarian, practical, and creative way.

I work with clients like you to develop:

Strategy, Systems & Structure

The strategy to implement it, the systems to support it, and then the structure to build it on.


I offer private strategy sessions, group experiences, and digital courses that all focus on the three S’s:

Strategy, Systems, and Structure

My sweet spot is showing both professionals and entrepreneurs how to teach what they know through digital media, brand messaging, strong assets, and products.



Free Self Audit Workbook


Gain perspective on your own personal and professional progress so you can attain your goals in a more productive and efficient way.


From Scattered To Efficient


Learn these 4 steps to prioritize your to-do list. This framework is for artisans + go-getters to elevate their creativity + productivity.


Business Therapy 101


Not a fan of the group experience? Let's work together so I can help you scale, automate, and monetize your idea or existing business.

Are you ready for your What's Next?

My story begins back when I was a kid with an old cookbook and a burning desire to help others. And while most kids mess around with arts and crafts and making a mess in the kitchen, I actually sold my stuff and never stopped.

I have spent 20+ years learning new skills. Through trial and error I have learned that not only am I a visionary and a creative, but I am also a systems girl. Now I help artisans and go-getters build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

My passion now is to teach my signature 5 Stage Framework. I share my knowledge and systems that allow you to scale, automate and monetize your business and find clarity in your personal life as well!


Susan simplifies the complicated!

“As I was in the process of pivoting my career, I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to start. In a very distinct way Susan showed me how important it is to create a plan and a roadmap. Because she “simplifies the complicated”, she helped me break down all my big ideas into small bites so I can easily get from one step to the next. Her 5 Stage Framework helped me go from stuck to unstuck!”


- Brittany

I have been able to grow my business in ways I never dreamed possible.

"Susan guided and supported me in connecting more deeply to the work I have always loved the most and, the way to create my business plan in an up-leveled, let’s get a serious way!! With her explorative tools to get to the core of who we are and our unique message, I got clear on what I needed to do to really move my career and life forward. I had been stuck and now I am growing my business in ways I only dreamed of."


- Lori K.

I was overwhelmed!

"As a mother who was becoming empty-nested and about to dive into my next chapter, I was overwhelmed with how to plunge. I didn't know where to start. Susan and her team helped pull all of this together to roll out my business with a social media marketing strategy and brand identity with incredible impact."


- Laurey

I have gone from unfocused to focused.

"Susan’s “What’s Next Roadmap (Stage 1) got the ball rolling again. Until I found this program, I wasn’t able to chart a clear course of action. By the end, I was organized, focused and released all the overwhelm. Susan’s lessons emanate her refreshingly genuine, hysterical, and relatable point-of-view, which I find very comforting and supportive. This community and the program has been life changing for me."


- Sheryl W.

Power of the Pivot Podcast

Strategy | Systems | Structure

My guests and I share personal stories of past failures and present wisdom. We get curious, amplify the conversation, inspire action, move the needle!


Are you ready for your "What's Next" roadmap? Join the community!