Your 360˚ POV


A 360˚ self-audit for solopreneurs!


These 3 easy steps to review your achievements + missteps will impact(in a positive way) your personal and creative growth.


If you are a solopreneur, ask yourself this:


  • when was the last time you appraised your performance?
  • how are you faring?
  • where are you falling short?
  • do you have the tools, knowledge, or support you might need in order to do better?

If you answered "NO" to more than one of the above...


...this DIY exercise in self-reflection can help you!


When you complete these exercises you will:

  • highlight your potential for further growth and development 
  • uncover "feedback" for your past performances
  • force you to be brutally honest by recognizing your failures in order to improve
  • learn about the weak areas where you and your business could be improved.
  • identify your strengths so you can build on them!
YOUR 360 POV...

...will give you a self-directed approach using tools and a system to encourage your personal growth. 

...will shift you away from a scarcity mindset and move you into an abundant mindset so you can tackle your goals head-on.

...will help you recognize where your roadblocks are and what to do instead. 


Hi, I'm Susan!

As a business strategist (my clients call me a business therapist) and growth expert, I have guided and helped hundreds of artisans and go-getters build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

After 10k+ hours of reading, listening, and collating good information, I developed the 5 Stage Framework™,  which helped me launch three successful businesses - and I want to help you do the same!

Your 360 POV

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