014 Get Your Shit Together: 5 Simple Tips to Organize your Computer


Is your computer a mess?

A cluttered computer can be challenging to navigate. Thus keeping those random photos, downloaded pDFs, recipes, and important documents tidy and organized is key to both your creativity and productivity.

In today's episode, "Get Your Shit Together," I am giving you bite-sized actionable tips you can take and apply to build your digital filing cabinet.

These simple tips will inspire you to clean and organize your computer so you have the confidence to use your machine in a way that serves you.

Here are the 5 tips you can expect to learn:

📍 Build the structure first
📍 Identify the different pillars or "drawers" of your life
📍 Pick one topic and one topic only
📍 Purge and merge
📍 Create your labeling system

Being a systems girl myself, there's one thing I've learned, it's that having some simple systems in place not only helps me with clarity but also leaves lots of room for growth and creativity. Whether you are building a business or not, creating order out of chaos will give you the confidence and the tools to manifest whatever it is you desire to create.

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Have a great week!

"The goal is the vision. The system is the roadmap."

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