#114 The number one reason why most people fail

Are you ready to hear why most people give up on their aspirations?


What I have learned over the past 2 decades guiding people (and this is just my perspective), is that people lose interest because they don’t know to transform their dream into action.


They also struggle with; 


👉🏻 imposter syndrome 

👉🏻 not having the support system to encourage growth

👉🏻 not knowing how to break down the big goal into the tiny details

Maybe you feel you are too old or missed the window of opportunity or that no one will take you seriously. 


To be totally honest here, I know what loss of identity feels like, firsthand. When I made a choice to pivot from my highly successful role as CEO and founder of my 7-figure, global lifestyle brand “take a break,” I felt paralyzed.


I spent way too many years in “the ole” (as I like to call it) and it took a cancer diagnosis to wake me the F up! 


You don’t need a traumatic jolt of reality like that to push you into what’s possible. That wake-up call took me down a path of self-discovery and because of that, I designed a step-by-step system to help me go from stuck to unstuck. 


My three tips today could help you feel a bit better about where you are at but more importantly where you can go.

Tip #1
The first step is to make a decision. Do you want the beach house, to semi-retire, to take your family’s favorite recipe and turn it into a cottage-based business, or write the novel you have only been dreaming about? Once you decide that you are ready to go for it, write it down. Did you know that you are 42% more likely to reach to manifest what you want when you put pen to paper?

Tip #2
Attach a date to that outcome. Depending upon the thing on your “wish list”
it may require more or less time to get to the end goal. Having something to
measure is always helpful. It wasn’t until I actually wrote down those dates
and put that post on a bulletin board above my computer that I started
seeing results. For me, it helps me focus and keep my eye on the prize.


Tip #3

What’s one that you can start to strategize now? Now that you have a date in mind,
reverse engineer all the tasks it will take for you to complete 
that project. For example, if you want to grow your email list, then what are some of the steps you need to take in order to begin to do that? Tackle 2 -3 tasks a day until you can successfully cross that goal off your list.

It’s important to develop a daily practice, around getting what you want so that you can reach a work-life balance AND achieve all your dreams, desires, wishes and wants. 


If you feel like I am speaking to you, it’s because I have been you. And there are days (even weeks) when I go back to feeling unmotivated, paralyzed, and lethargic. But what has helped me rise above it are my systems. 


Do you have your systems in place, name? If now, you can join me on the 22nd for a FREE workshop;  From Scattered To Efficient where I will introduce you to some of the systems, I have been using for years. Because it worked so powerfully for me, now, both my clients and students are using them as well with astounding results. 


This is a live, interactive, virtual experience that is both personal and collaborative. 


You can grab your seat here.


It’s a super casual and collaborative space for all types of creators. 



Life is hard but it’s way better with a group of people who are choosing to lift you up rather than bringing you down. And that is the exact type of community that I am building. 


I would so love for you to join us!


Have a great week!

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