#106 Your Mid - Year Pick Me Up!

Can you believe that we are officially at the halfway point in 2022?


And if you feel as though you may have lost your way between January and now, I get it.


Why I know this about you is because I talk to a lot of people and the one common denominator is time. Or the excuses of time.


"I am too busy"

"There are not enough hours in the day"

"Everyone demands my attention"


Blah, blah, blah.


But the truth is, you do have enough time, you are just not prioritizing it in a way that is allowing you to make the time. And I am here to help you not only realize it but offer you a few guidelines to help you create it.


Today's three tips might be just the thing you need to get back on track!


Tip #1

Create your action plan. Your action plan is what you want to do and accomplish by the end of the year. The key to getting there is thinking and planning big. You will see what is possible as you progress through your milestones and tasks.

Tip #2

Be realistic and practical with your quarterly and monthly milestones. These milestones or "guide posts" are directly related to the goals or projects on your action plan. They are specific to what you want to achieve, do, acquire and learn.


Tip #3

Pay attention to the details. The details are the smaller tasks that will not only help you achieve your milestones but will enable you to keep moving toward your big action plan.

In other words, start big. Cast a wide net. Then reverse engineer those ideas and dreams into a realistic and practical plan or roadmap so you can begin to get closer to those bigger goals. When you can start to break each one of them down into smaller chunks, you will see your progress. And when this happens, I promise you, you will achieve the things you want in both life and business.


Suppose you are a more visual person (like me)? If so, feel free to download my Life Map Dashboard. This is something I use quarterly and share with both my clients and students of my program, What's Next Roadmap.


You can grab it here.



Have a great week.


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