#125 - The 4 P's will set you free!🦋

This was the first Thanksgiving in a long time where I didn't feel stressed or frantic.


Do you know why? Because I had a plan. As a mom of three man-children, the expectations on this meal is very, very high.


My fault entirely. I have spent 25+ years setting up the promise of what ends up on our holiday table, so I take full responsibility for that. In addition, being the sole "cooker"(as my youngest used to call me when he was a toddler), there's much to prep and do.


But over the years, I have developed and adopted a system on how to make the process as effortless as possible. It wasn't until I wrote an e-book about my Thanksgiving meal and prep that I realized that my success in both life and business comes down to one thing.




Without them, in my opinion, you're pretty much screwed!


With only 34 days left in 2022, there is no better time to get your sh*t together and feel good about entering a new year. That's plenty of time to gain some perspective, make a plan, prioritize, and get super productive.


I can hear you saying, “oh but the holidays.”




That's just an excuse. Just sayin'.



Because when you have a clear-cut plan and outline for everything that needs to happen, I promise you - you can get it  ALL done.



Don’t laugh!




I am being serious here.




Just the other day, my client said to me that she has walked into the 4th quarter of 2022 as a completely different person than she was a year ago. She purged her life, moved, started a new business, got into a health routine, and claims she has more time for herself now than ever before. She credits that to hard work, discipline, and my framework. 



Before she joined the What's Next Roadmap community, she was constantly throwing a bunch of crap up against the wall to see what stuck. And the outcome of that was a big fat zero!




So my three tips today will guide and help you achieve that level of efficiency that will not only help you finish the year strong but possibly adopt a few new habits and rituals that you can use to gain greater confidence and success.


Tip #1
Gather your notes and ideas of what you originally intended to accomplish this past year. Start with a fresh piece of paper and divide it into two columns. The one on the left is the "did" list, and the one on the right is the "didn't." Take your time with this exercise. It's important to recognize and congratulate yourself for all that you did accomplish. No matter the size of the project or task.


Tip #2

Now that you have a more clear picture of what got pushed to the bottom of your to-do list (the "didn't" list), take a look at the things and ideas that you were not able to manifest. Circle or highlight the ones that still excite you. And if you feel like adding a few more thoughts and ideas here, now is the time to do it. Don't throw out the rejects, keep them in a safe place, like a google doc, notebook, moleskin, or any other writing tool that you are most comfortable with.



Tip #3

Believe it or not, you just completed step one in drafting your 2023 plan. The next step would be to make some decisions on what will take priority in the first quarter of 2023. Building that roadmap can only truly begin when you can determine which of those creative visions is the foundation for all the rest. And the best way to do that is to start with the end goal in mind. Then work backward from there. 



The biggest struggle I often see with creatives and business builders is the inability to rein in all the bountiful ideas. Having ideas is not the problem. However, prioritizing them is.


If you like the idea of this exercise but are not sure you can self-motivate, come hang out with me and a bunch of other humans like yourself in my next (and last), FREE workshop of 2022. 


On Wednesday, December 7th at 9 am (PST), we will be doing this together and so much more. 


You can sign up here!


In our time together, here's what you can expect:


🌟 A behind-the-scenes peek at the systems, strategy, and structure that can be applied to both your life and your business

🌟 Why the 4 P's (perspective, plan, prioritize, + productivity) are key to expanding your sphere of influence, your impact, and your income
🌟 The #1 tip to achieving a work-life balance


As someone who is obsessed with helping others achieve success on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial level, I believe you have the capacity for so much more. 


If you are struggling to appreciate this about yourself, then it's time to join me, and this amazing community, to help you recognize what most of us can already see. 

December is actually the perfect month to get your ducks in order. When you do start planning now, it helps silence the noise about "New Year's" resolutions because you and both know, those never work!!


That's it for today. If you have questions, hit me up!

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