#121 Do you know where your digital files live?

Don't want to scare the crap out of you, but have you ever thought about how many computer files are buried on your computer's hard drive?


Most computers today have anywhere from 500GB to 1B of space. Does this mean you have so many files stored on your computer that you probably can't remember where they live?

I would bet you are one of the many that are shaking your head yes.

Life is busy. Or as I like to say "focused." The last thing on your big, fat to-do list is prioritizing and organizing your computer files. Out of sight, out of mind is what I always say and because you cannot physically see or tangibly touch those files, they are forgotten.


Until you want to create that birthday post for your kid and are searching for that one particular photo from kindergarten. An hour or two later, you are still diving deep down that rabbit hole.


What you intended to get done on that particular day is now pushed even further down your to-do list. Frustrated and tired, you have basically given up. You feel defeated and the last thing you want to do is tackle the things you originally had intended for that day.


Your productivity has been compromised and you know what? You're not alone.

This is more common than you might expect. Because of that, in working with my clients to build their life/business, and in designing their ultimate roadmap, it's hard to craft that vision when you become overwhelmed and confused.

Over the past few weeks, I have been helping a client with a brand-new digital launch. Our initial thought was to repurpose the content that we created last year. But in searching for the folders, files, and assets, we ended up wasting our time searching for the original.

When we did ultimately find them, they were a mess. I suggested we spend some time building a new filing system before tackling the 2022 project. She agreed and after about 4 hours (plus), she has a beautifully crafted filing system (and labeling system) she will be able to use over and over again.

You see, when you create a system for the how and the what, then building out your structure becomes effortless.

When we finally dove into the new project, there was way more copy and pasting than creating. No reason to reinvent the wheel when you have a simple system in place that makes sense.


So, today's three tips are all about the "if this, then that" approach. Step-by-step is not only your business drivers but your life drivers as well.



Tip #1

10 files or documents at a time. Let's start with your Google drive. Create 2, brand new folders. Label one "keep" and the other one "trash. Start to identify what documents belong in either of those folders and start dragging that document into one of the two folders. If you get through 10 and want to do another 10, by all means - go for it.  


Tip #2

Focus on the "keep" folder. Go through each doc and try and see what pillar of your life it belongs to. Maybe it's your kid's essay for college or instructions on what to do upon your death. If this were me, I would label one "kids"(and the name of the child) and the other "end of life." Keep going through your docs until all of them have been identified.


Tip #3

Create folders and sub-folders. Now that you have a bunch of documents, newly identified, in your keep folder, it's time to find them a home. All you really need to do next is now drag or move these documents into the new folders in your brand-new digital filing cabinet. The next several steps are a bit more detailed, so I am going to leave you with this. This will keep you plenty busy for now!


Why organize your digital files? Many, reasons, but let's start with 4:


1️⃣ Security - being unorganized opens the floodgates for hackers which can compromise your identity
2️⃣ Sharing - whether it's your family or your team when your stuff is systematized, sharing is substantially easier
3️⃣ Cleansing - when you spend time clearing the clutter, you will determine what needs to be saved, deleted, or shared
4️⃣ Legacy - organizing your digital legacy allows your loved ones to access all the important stuff after you are gone.


Being overwhelmed is the biggest emotion that can hold you back when you are pivoting from one area in your life to the next. Change is not easy. 


But it's a heck of a lot easier when you've got the systems to back up your plan.


I mentioned pillars in tip #2. Pillars are a big part of my program, What's Next Roadmap. I truly feel that they are the foundation for both planning and prioritizing everything you do in your life. 


If you are overwhelmed and struggling with how to get from here to there, and feel you need a few systems to get you to the next phase, then you can do one of two things. 


You can join Tech Talk 101 today. This is a group experience where I help you organize your digital filing cabinet so you can be more efficient or productive. You can sign up here.


Or you can come to my next, free workshop where I introduce you to some of these systems so you can better understand why it's important to know where your stuff is. You can sign up for free here.


If you show up live, I will be offering a little bonus and a few other surprises. 

You can register here.


Anyway - have a great week! And if you have questions, hit reply to this email!


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