029 | From Trauma to Triumph: Pivoting Toward a More Fulfilling Life


In my community, the topic of “self-love” comes up a lot.


As women of what I like to call the “what’s next generation,” who crave life beyond ambition, struggle to feel worthy and deserving of this. These feelings of not being enough didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. 


They have been buried for a long time. Due to certain life circumstances; empty nesting, change in relationship status(divorce/death), and or examining one’s legacy and the “what’s my purpose” question - women our age are in a state of rediscovering who they are.


In this week’s episode, I talk to Gina Leago, an x-trial lawyer, turned spiritual psychologist, who shares her story of trauma, resilience, and the importance of self-love. She dives deep into examining our triggers, and identifying them so everyone has a chance to move toward healing and growth. 


As moms, daughters, sisters, and strong women, it’s easy to lose our voice. Serving others, especially those that we love, takes center stage. Thus, our stuff gets pushed so far down into the depths of our belly, that digging ourselves out of it - cannot be done alone. 


Gina offers a few tips on how and where to start and I am confident you will be inspired.

Here are a few takeaways:

📍how an attorney pivoted toward a more fulfilling life.
📍from loss and survival she found resilience
📍mastering self-love is key to self-discovery
📍learn the four stages of self-development
📍understanding life from a spiritual context is helpful in the healing process

You can listen to the full episode here.

I learned so much from talking to Gina and hope you did as well.

Women like you are incredibly strong, accomplished, and creative. It's easy to get lost in the other's expectations and I am witnessing the people in my sphere taking their voice and their power back.


Life beyond ambition is all about taking ownership and taking names, saying yes to yourself and no to all that no longer serves you. It's a beautiful thing to


If you are seeking life b yond ambition or have a question or an idea, hit reply to this email. Or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

Have a great week!!

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