019 How to see the bigger picture with Shelley Levy


Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


Most of you have more than enough talent and resources to build your business, but what holds you up, is where and how to begin.


In this week's podcast episode, Shelley Levy takes the seat in our client spotlight. She is an artist who had an amazing journey painting her path to success.

As a dear friend and client, Shelley and I worked together to cast a wider and bigger vision. As someone who was teaching art, both privately and in groups, I showed her how she could scale that knowledge.


The truth, as a team of one, her earning capacity has a ceiling on it. But in our strategy sessions, I helped her reframe her mindset to see what is possible.

Because she was open and ready to grow, in a very short amount of time, together, we built a new framework for her website, outlined several digital courses that will be launched this year, crafted a new marketing strategy, and most importantly, elevated her confidence to go bigger.


You will hear Shelley as she shares her story and how she used her artistic background to create multiple streams of income. She also talks about how I helped and motivated her to put together a business that showcases not only her talent but her ability to serve and teach others.


Here are a few key takeaways.

📍 How her art showed her the value of teaching others
📍 Why she was apprehensive, at first, to hire a business coach
📍 How reframing the term "marketing" showed her a more creative way to grow
📍 How to reverse engineer the bigger picture
📍 The power in the baby steps


Being able to not just see yourself as "this" or "that" is key to your growth. In addition, looking outside of the box to create multiple revenue streams is the only way all of you can survive these days. Shelley talks about that and so much more.


You can listen to the full episode here.


If you have been on the fence and are not ready to scale your business, this episode will inspire you. And if you have questions on how I can help you do that, hit reply to this email


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