018 Get Your Shit Together - Where's The Damn File?


Are you familiar with the beach ball of death, {{ first_name }}?

If you are a MAC user, then you might be all too familiar with the spinning beach ball that occasionally slows down your productivity.


I say "occasionally" with caution.


By the time people come to me for help with organizing their digital filing cabinet (a.k.a. their computer), the spinning beach ball of death is out of control.


And no...you don't need a new computer!!


You simply need to create some order out of the chaos of your computer.

In this week's podcast episode of Get Your Shit Together, you will
learn my process for how I started tackling this beast of a project.


My hope for you is that you walk away with a little bit of inspiration to do the same. This step-by-step approach could be the difference between feeling as though you need to buy a new computer or saving the one you already have.

Here are a few key takeaways.

πŸ“ Creating order out of chaos is liberating
πŸ“ Why hoarding old files is slowing your productivity
πŸ“ Identifying the categories of your life will simplify the process
πŸ“ Starting with one folder will set up your systems for continued success
πŸ“ Why I recommend a cloud-based backup system


The truth is no one gave you a rule book or a guide when you acquired your first computer. Thus you were never taught how to navigate it, let alone organize it.


The inspiration for this episode is directly related to the conversations I have inside my group Tech Talk. If this topic spoke to you, you are not alone.


Every one of us is dealing with an over-stuffed and over-taxed computer. It's time to let go of all of that shitπŸ’© that is clogging your system! Literally!


You can listen to the full episode here.


If you are ready to dive into your computer files but don't know where to start, this episode will help you. I also have a free gift for you. So make sure you not only listen but stay until the end


Thanks for tuning in. I would love for you to follow the podcast. I am always adding lots of bonus worksheets and templates to various episodes. And when you get there, please support it by downloading it, subscribing to it, ad sharing it with your people.

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Have a great week!



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