013 Using fashion to fund the fight for cancer warriors


Fighting cancer is no joke!

Most of the cancer warriors not only worry about their battle with cancer but also how much their cancer was costing them and their families. Not to mention, who would manage the kids, cook dinner, or do all of the layered "to-do's" that most women embody?

Kerry, Katy, and Shelly A.K.A. “Cancer Cartel” all fight and are winning against cancer. They see and hear other people's struggles firsthand. As a way to support their cancer comrades, they built Cancer Cartel and use fashion to fund the fight for cancer warriors so they can focus on getting well.

In this episode, the ladies of Cancer Cartel talk about their resilient journey in helping cancer warriors fund their battle through donations, grants, strategic brand partnerships, and events. They also share how they started, the sacrifices they made to help cancer warriors, and how people can take part in saving a warrior's life.

We get under the hood and discover:

πŸ“ What they learned a lot from other charities about what they don't want to be and what they didn’t want to do.

πŸ“ When they developed Cancer Cartel, they designed it with the premise that 100% of their donor funds would go directly to the Cancer Warrior in need.

πŸ“ How the pandemic gave them an opportunity to grow. With people being home and available, they reached out to many stylists across the country to connect and cement relationships.

πŸ“ How they continue to disrupt the cancer nonprofit world as well as just the nonprofit world in general.

πŸ“ How their partnership is the greatest pillar of support and how that has helped them continue, even when it gets overwhelming.

πŸ“The rewards outweigh a paycheck because they know they are making an impact.

They have already broken the glass ceiling via their partnerships with The Reel Reel, Alice + Olivia, and Elyse Walker. But they are not stopping there. Their dreams are bigger and I suggest you listen in to see whose on their wish list!

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