#131 Let's Brand You - A Live Workshop

It has become clearer with each conversation that I have that we are all craving connection, conversation, and community.

Feeling alone and lonely is affecting our happiness and our well-being. 
Because of that, my friend and lifestyle and brand photographer, Sheryl Wachtel, and I are creating a modern way to gather, focusing on building on the skills, knowledge, talent, and expertise you already have and re-packaging them. 
Introducing, Let’s Brand You, an intimate group experience designed to improve your relationship with you. 
Whether you want to build confidence, new connections, or gain a fresh perspective, you will walk away feeling transformed and energized.
You’re one of a kind - from your personality to your process - let’s tell your story!
What it is:
A four-hour, in-person gathering, where you will uncover a fresh perspective on how you present yourself to the world.
 When you leave you will walk away with your:
 Headshots - 2 professional images of you that are completely aligned with who you are today.
 A new narrative -  the story behind who you are and what you do in a way that brings people in through your heart first, and what you do, second.
A value summary - your WHY in one sentence. Something you can use in your email signature, your social media, LinkedIn, on your website (if you have one), or just because.
 ➣ A new community - priceless
As the world continues to open up and you start to engage more in person, it’s time to get back into the practice of sharing you’re beautiful self.
When: Friday, June 2nd from 10 am - 2 pm
 Where: Beverly Hills (Benedict Canyon)
 What: 395
To register, hit reply to this email
(space is limited - first come, first serve)

🍽️ A light breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served.
Once you sign up, more details will follow. 
 Looking forward to seeing you on June 2nd!

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