#127 Have you ever done something radical?

Have you ever just made a decision to do something and then pulled the trigger and didn't look back?


I did that the other day. It felt soooooooo good!


It wasn't anything that I even contemplated. It was inspired by an observation in my business about a strategy that just wasn't working for me. 


Building an online business and media company as a solopreneur isn't easy. It's like putting together one of those 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. It takes forever and a day and some days you spend hours sitting there, totally focused on completing a section of the puzzle, and other days you have the patience of a gnat.


I am sure you have experienced this; you try to shove those two pieces together even though you know in your heart they don't belong together. 


Constructing your business and the life you want for yourself is no different.


So, the other day I decided to basically blow up and gut one of the strategies that took me the last 6 months to develop. When I realized that it just wasn't working, I took a pause and stepped back to think about the possibilities of why. And in doing so, I put myself in your place, {{ first_name }}, and asked myself, "if I was you, how would I react or respond to X-Y-Z?"


And at that moment, I pivoted, simplified, and reframed the entire structure of what was.


In my opinion, that's what creating is all about! 


Whether your tool is a paintbrush, a whisk, a pen, or a computer, the end goal of that creation should only really feel good and matter to you. That's what authenticity is all about.


And the end goal of that one particular strategy (which was a mother - f'r to navigate and construct) just wasn't working. 


As you continue to perfect your purpose and potentially reframe your identity and mold into that person, be kind to yourself. Today's three tips are actually more questions rather than tips. As you begin to answer them, kept his in mind; "if there were absolutely no limits - and you could do and be anyone or anything, what would that be and why?"

Tip #1
When it comes to solving a particular problem, what do people always ask you for help with?

Tip #2
How do your friends or loved ones introduce you in social settings?


Tip #3

Finish this sentence...People think of me as the one who.....


Reframing, re-identifying, and reinventing aren't easy. 


Just the other day in one of my groups, a woman who has had a robust and successful 40-year career as an entertainment executive, mentioned that she was ready for her what's next but has no idea what that next thing is.


She's not alone and neither are you.


When I have found myself in that head space, what helped me the most (along with my favorite edibles) are the groups and people I have surrounded myself with who constantly lifted me up, validate my ideas, offer perspective, and taught me that I am not alone. 


Which in turn has helped me be more authentic, and honest, and helps me say NO to things I may have said yes to in the past.


However, one of the things I am saying yes to as we embark on a new 12-month cycle is opening up one of my groups that have been closed for over a year. More on that in the coming weeks. 


Another thing I am saying NO to is the way I show up to share my programs, my expertise, and my community. More on that later.


For now, start thinking about what this past year taught you and which of those lessons you want to carry into your next cycle.


As you begin to pivot, keep the three T's in mind:

Terminate - remove and let go of what isn't working
Think - create and redesign what is working
Transform - more and more into who you are and what you believe in


And most importantly, trust your intuition. Your gut always knows best.


That's it for now. If you have any questions, hit me up!

Have a great week!

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