#122 Why I loathe the word "goal"

There's something you should know. I actually loathe the word "goal."

I dislike it because I feel it's saturated and overused.

Don't get me wrong, goals are essential to achieving both life and business success. But I just feel like the word has become a tool for so many to sell their services, products, or expertise (or lack thereof). I almost feel as though it's a trap for those of you that feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, and stressed.


Unfortunately, being overwhelmed and stressed is a state of mind that you will feel at certain times in your life, month, week, and even daily. It's just a fact. And the struggle of getting on the other side of that emotion is ultimately reframing how you attack it.

Instead of focusing on the goal itself, it's my humble opinion that the key to getting to the goal is the systems you use to get you there. "The goal is the vision, the system is the roadmap".

I have worked long and hard on creating that system. And when I started sharing it with others, what I saw, over and over again, were the roadblocks that were preventing them from not just getting there, but finding that starting point.

Just the other day I was working with a client, and my intention was to get her to see her big picture in a more granular way. I asked her what the end goal was (because you always have to start with the end in mind) and after we went through it, she tried to slip in this, super large nefarious fantasy to the list.


I had to immediately shut her down and rein her in and remind her to simply focus on the now or the next 60 days so that she can better create the systems for her to tackle just that.

The light bulb went off and when she finally got it, it all clicked. She walked away with a small task list, that I know she can handle without feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stressed to the point where she throws up her hands and decides to give up.


So, today, my tips are really going to be more about the mistakes that I have seen others make over and over again, and what to do instead.


Tip #1

The idea is so big, that you quit before you even start. You have all these grand and sexy ideas, but you have no idea on how to get there. So, instead, you pivot before you even take the time to think it through. Before you give up on it, make a list of how this thing will impact your life, and what it will mean in the future, for you, your family, and your community. Ideas like this, generally, take years to achieve and master. If the impact outways the reward, then this could very well be the thing you stick to.


Tip #2

Allow yourself to get overwhelmed and uncomfortable. It's the only way you are going to learn and grow. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The key here is to become so self-aware when you get to this emotional state, that you have a plan on what to do when you arrive there. For me, I step away. I create some space from it and do something else. Like baking or organizing my binders or office supply drawers. Distract yourself from the thing because when you do, 9 times out of 10, you figure it out and connect the dots.


Tip #3

Everything is an evolution. Your ideas, your products, your website - all of it will evolve over time. Richard Branson says it best, "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming." Your ideas are the foundation for more ideas. Just because this one thing isn't working, doesn't mean there's not a better mouse trap for making it work. 



Again, the goal is not really the goal.

It's more about the aspiration and the system that you implement in getting to that goal. The goal is the ultimate win and it takes tons of time to reach that level of achievement.


Nothing happens overnight. It takes guts, tenacity, strength, and passion to find your secret sauce.


 "It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success" ~ Lionel Messi


Messi's tenacity took him on a 17-year journey.


But I will say this, it's a bit less overwhelming to get to where you want to go when you have the systems, strategy, and structure in place. 


If you think you are about ready to conquer and banish some of the angst surrounding the anxiety of your desires, then you should join me this Wednesday for a free, one-hour workshop. 


I will be showing you the same systems I use to: 


✓ focus on one task at a time
✓ limit the expectations of the daily to-do list
✓ organize all of the ideas, documents, papers, and post-it notes
✓ create a work-life balance that helps you concentrate on what's important now.


If you are overwhelmed and struggling with how to get from here to there, and feel you need a few systems to get you to the next phase, then this is for you.


You can sign up for free here


That's it for now! Have a great week! And if you have questions, leave a comment below!




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