#115 This one sentence changed my life

Did you grow up believing that there was only one path to success?


I did. 


I believed that you:


✔︎ Went to college 
✔︎ Got a 9-5 job
✔︎ Nabbed a partner
✔︎ Got married
✔︎ Start a family
✔︎ Plan for the future
✔︎ Balance career and family
✔︎ Retire and live your best life


For most of us, not the case.


Generally, it doesn't always work as planned. 


Most people I talk to are content. Most have gone down something sort of resembling that laundry list above and it’s “good enough.”


For me, life took a turn of events that I would never have seen coming. One after the other; tragedy, loss, and then a cancer diagnosis. I was so angry at the universe and was waiting for it to give me a break


It was this quote that gave me a little mini Ah-Ha moment; “Most millionaires have 7 streams of income.” ~ Tony Robbins.


I always thought being a Jackie of all trades was somewhat of a negative. As a multi-passionate, I always had my hand in several pots. But it didn't necessarily mean that I could bake and sell my delicious cookies, be a photographer, create a custom stationery line, teach yoga, etc. 


But what it did show me was that as an independent coach/consultant for creators and, brands and businesses, I could repackage all the knowledge and expertise that I was using to guide my clients and transform that info into digital products, courses, and assets.


Thus, multiple streams of income.


This was the wake-up call that allowed me to see that I already had everything I needed in my arsenal (google docs and dropbox) so that I could help many at a time rather than just one at at time. 


 And I would bet dollars to donuts that you do too!


My three tips today are for all your creators out there who have something great inside of you that deserves to be shared, monetized, and ultimately automated.

Tip #1
Unleash the doubt and harness a limitless mindset. You are the biggest, untapped demographic out there and you have so much wisdom that can highlight your expertise.

Tip #2

When it comes to solving a particular problem, what do people ask you for help with? If you are struggling to think of something, send an email to 10 friends and ask them that simple question. I bet their responses will inspire a new perspective and ultimately a way for you to “repurpose” who you already are and what you already share.


Tip #3
Have you ever paid attention to how people introduce you to their friends, who don’t already know who you are? That intel will shed a ton of light on what you are all about. Someone else’s perspective is valuable info. Recently, I was introduced to someone and my friend said, “This is Susan - watch out, she’ll ask you one question and you’ll end up telling her your whole life story.” If I wasn’t already working as a business coach, I would take this hint. Pay attention to how others perceive you.

Tapping into your hidden talent and discovering your secret sauce is a limitless path to possibilities. It’s also a surefire way to teach what you know and enlightens others.


So many of the women that I work with originally came to me because they didn’t see their self-worth or the value that they offer. More importantly, they didn’t know where or how to start uncovering it. 


Whether you are a career professional, a creator, or a little of both, I do believe the best thing you can do for yourself is find a community of like-minded humans who can help you see what they already see in you.


A great place to start could be my free workshop. It’s happening this Thursday, the 22nd at 11:00 am (PST), via zoom. It’s a super casual and collaborative space for all types of creators. 


You can grab your seat here.


Life is hard but it’s way better with a group of people who are choosing to lift you up rather than bringing you down. And that is the exact type of community that I am building. 


I would so love for you to join us!


Have a great week!

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