#105 What you see is what you get!

Are you showing us all of you?


I don’t mean like ALL of you, mostly, what you show us in that 600 x 600-pixel image.


The ones that might be seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The pictures I see, the events you’re sharing, the pie you’re eating…you can’t sit here and tell me you are that happy all the time?


Being someone who had to:


📍Overcome cancer - not once but three times

📍While at the same time suffering from a torn ligament and cyst on their left hip (4 weeks away from hip replacement surgery)

📍Pivot financially, psychologically, and geographically - circumstances were just not on our side

📍Be the sole caretaker of one 89-year-old mother


I have not had many “Instagramable” smiley moments to share. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. I truly learned who my people are. Those that showed up did so in a HUGE way and because of that, I have gotten more honest with what I want in a friend or anyone who is in my sphere of influence. 


Knowing what you want, will put up with and that which you won’t tolerate is all about being super clear about your core desires and values.


Setting goals or outlining what you want in your life doesn’t have to be a fantasy. But in order to really get what you want, you have to be so super clear about it. You can’t show up online and tell everyone you are great if you’re not. 


If you are ready to be vulnerable, honest, and totally and completely in touch with your gut and your core - and not feel guilty or bad about it, then you might need my three tips today. 


Tip #1

Find Clarity. One of the key exercises I do when someone first comes to me is having them make a “wish list.” This is a list of 50 - 100 things that they want, desire, achieve, and see for themselves over the next 5 years. I tell them to list everything from the mundane to the magical. It could be as simple as wanting a new garage door, to owning 17 pairs of Gucci loafers. Because when you actually write something down, according to Psychology professor, Gail Matthews, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals. Go grab your pen and a Moleskin or open up a fresh google doc and start manifesting.

Tip #2

Be vulnerable.  And tell it like it is. I see a lot of those that I follow posting pictures with their favorite cocktail. Now, I don’t drink - not because of anything other than I don’t like the taste, nor the way that it makes me feel, and I’d rather eat my calories. But….I will from times eat an edible or puff on a pen that has some CBD + THC combo. You do your wine, booze, antidepressant, chocolate, whatever you need in order to take the edge off. But if you are going to do it, do it 1000%. Don’t hide it. Talk about it and who cares what others think. They might not like what you have to say. Oh well…tell them not to listen.

Tip #3

Keep it real. I have learned that the more transparent and honest I am with those online and off, the deeper the connection I am making with the person on the other end. If you are out there tooting your horn that everything is great and you are killing it in life, business, and everything in between - everyone knows you are full of shit. Talk about the shitty stuff, the hard stuff, etc. If you are on a mission to build relationships off and online - tell it like it is. If you can do that, I promise you, you will generate some amazing partnerships. 

I hope these three tips will reframe your way of feeling and thinking. You have to start somewhere, so start with the first one, clarity. Once you can define that, the other two will come. Those 50 - 100 things might be the exercise you need to gain the ability to look at life through a new lens.


This exercise is only one of 12 in my program the What's Next Roadmap. I offer this program about 3 times a year and I am not exactly certain when the next session will be. 


Right now I am mapping out my Q3 (which starts this Friday - 7/1) and once I have that designed and it’s practical and realistic, I will be more concrete on sharing those dates.


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For now, let me know if you have done this exercise. Hit reply if you got a little inspired. 


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