#103 How Social Media is enabling the shiny object syndrome

Social media is the bain of my existence. 

Do you feel the same way?

I used to like it. It was fun to make new friends, create a community, and find good products.

But lately, I just feel like it’s one big infomercial. Every other post is “sponsored” and the “suggested” follows is annoying. I am specifically talking about Instagram here. I gave up on Facebook a long time ago. 

I do go through phases and right now, after a three-month hiatus, I am posting. My strategic graphic designer (she’s awesome) created some new templates for me and it is inspiring my creative side.

In addition, I have a few new digital product launches on the horizon, so I feel sort of obligated🤦‍♀️.

The other day, I posted about the guru “hard sell” and the amount of engagement I got was off the charts.

It makes me realize that many others are feeling the same way as me about the digital hustle (or what I like to call the “digital con”) and I have learned to tune it out.

 It took a while because I was constantly chasing the shiny object. But when I finally realized that I became more of a teacher/mentor, I started trusting myself.  And because of that, I have stopped buying into what others are selling.

If you feel distracted, (name) by the ads and a little FOMO, then my three tips today might help you ignore it and spend more time “doing you.”

Tip #1

Trust and surrender. The more you can learn to trust your gut and tap into teaching/sharing what you know, the more quickly you will ignore all the chatter.

Tip #2

Find two or three mentors that speak to you. Stay there and learn from them. Everyone is pretty much saying the same thing, however, each one has its unique voice. Generally, I am attracted to someone who might have experienced the same obstacles as myself. If you feel as though this expert is speaking directly to you - then they are your person.

Tip #3

Find your community! There are so many wonderful groups out there. Most of them follow the mastermind model (mine is the Entrepreneurial Think Tank) and charge a monthly fee. If you find something you like, ask if you can audit for a week or two. Others need to offer a sneak peek into what you will ultimately be committing to and paying for. If for some obnoxious reason they say no, then they ain’t for you!

If you are feeling as though it is hard to sift through the noise, you are not alone. You gotta shut your eyes and exercise that muscle. Once I shut it all done, my income and my impact went through the roof. I want that for you, too

If you have a question or feel as though you struggle with the temptations and the FOMO, hit reply to this email. Happy to talk you off the ledge!!

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