#102 What you see is what you get!Are Your Part Of The Great Resignation?

I wish I was talking about "rest + relaxation", but I am not.


With the great resignation of 2021 and now an impending recession on the horizon many are rethinking their life, their worth, and their value. 


Just the other day I got this email from Lydia, a total stranger,


Hi Susan, very intrigued with your website and coaching! I “retired” recently, launched a pandemic business, and had some success, but now need to pivot! Feeling a little like I need to start but need a little push! I am going to check out your website. Can I set up a consult with you?


Lydia sounds like a lot of people I talk to and I have a feeling this message is going to get louder.


Starting is always the hard part. Especially for women like you who have so much good stuff inside of you but because it was never valued as it should have been it was never given the praise that it deserved. And because of that, you don’t see how much that could be leveraged to impact you and your life.


Most companies are still working on a hybrid model which means they won’t be hiring anytime soon. And with a recession looming in the background, I would assume they will be downsizing rather than upsizing. 


It’s the ideal time to get creative and scrappy and if there is one thing I know very, very well, it’s how to do things in a scrappy way. If you have an idea or are looking for ways to make some pocket change, today’s tips might help.


Tip #1

Find your communityAs a creative, I bet you have something really great inside of you and it’s probably an iteration of who you have always been. The best advice I can give you is to find a community of like-minded humans who are wanting to do the same thing. I would suggest Facebook, but in my experience, it’s just a bunch of loud and obnoxious chatter. Go to your core group of humans who you can count on and ask them what you are up to and ask if they can help you connect the dots. I belong to a few and I also host a few amazing groups and I honestly could not live without either.

Tip #2

Create passive income. Did you know that most sites that you already use and recommend to your friends have affiliate programs? Every time you share an Amazon link of the newest latest and greatest find, it could be shared as an affiliate link. It’s only pennies, but those can add up. Some of my favorite business platforms have them as well. I only recommend things that I truly use and like. My motivation is rarely about the money and more about sharing a product that has helped me automate my life and be more efficient.


Tip #3

Repurpose your existing contentWhether you are a service provider or sell a physical product I can bet money that you have written a personal bio, been written up in a magazine or two, or written a blog. No need to reinvent the wheel. Repurpose that content. I published a food blog for 12 years. Over the past two years, I have been repurposing all that content, publishing e-books that I am now selling for 18 bucks! Those words were sitting idle on a blog and all I did was reorganize it all. And the best part, I am making passive income and I am donating a portion of it to charity.

The takeaway here - get scrappy with what you already have!


If you know you have something inside of you, but can’t figure out how to get it out and are looking for a community and need some help, you can check out this page on my website to learn more. I will be launching a new program in August, but for now, there might be something there that might resonate.


Looking for ways to automate your life and be a bit more efficient? Check out my favorite apps and platforms here.  



I’d love to know which tip resonated with you the most. Feel free to leave a comment below. I can’t wait to learn where you are at.


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