025 How to start a business at 55 with Stacy Valner


The top three ingredients for building a business in your 50s are:

❣️ curiosity
❣️ tenacity

That's the exact recipe Stacy Valner used to start a brand new business, from scratch at the age of 55.

Stacy is a mother of four, wife, founder of PHASE ONE, a non-profit dedicated to supporting ground-breaking Phase I + Phase II clinical cancer research, and now entrepreneur and CEO of the luxury brand, Meadow.

Over the past 20+ years, Stacy has filled her cup by raising millions of dollars through her foundation. It gave her a sense of purpose and it's where she learned to build her support system.

But when her 4th child left for college she got a little antsy. She was craving something new and maybe even a bit more feminine, creative, and pretty.

Sound familiar?

Then March 2020 happened and her "empty nesting" travel plans were no longer an option.

She was missing the luxuries that only a hotel room can bring and thought to herself, how can I bring that feeling into my home?

So, her idea to create a small and curated line of luxury products began.

In this episode, you will learn how the lessons she has learned became more about building something from nothing rather than the product itself. The confidence she gained by being resilient has given her the strength to keep going even when she feels she can't.

 Here are a few key takeaways.

📍 failure is key to your success
📍 not settling even when those around you might say "It's good enough"
📍 it's more about the experience than the product itself
📍 having a project calms the anxiety


You can listen to the full episode here.


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