027 Sisterhood and Inspiration - Learning from one another


Are you thinking about reinventing yourself, {{ first_name }}?


Thinking about reinventing oneself after 50 is one thing. Taking action with enthusiasm and determination is another. 


My client, Heather Hartt did just that!


After spending her young adult years as a copywriter in advertising, an editor at the Hollywood Reporter, and then an on-air host for Entertainment Television, Heather took a brief pause to raise her kids.


She quickly became restless and struggled with her “what’s next.”


But then her kids did the unthinkable! They inspired her and began her next career as a successfully published children’s book author.


7 books later with 4 more on the way, Heather talks candidly this week as my guest on the podcast about her choices, and how today she is merging all of the above into teaching others how to do what she did. 

Heather shares with you how taking time and making the investment in hiring a coach, actually shifted into being a huge investment in herself.


Here are a few key takeaways.

📍planning is everything - without it, she never would have reached her goals
📍 practicing patience is the key ingredient to building something new
📍 a good coach will help you shift your perspective and achieve what is possible
📍 community is everything and why she loves the one we have created
📍 what to do and not to do when it comes to social media.


You can listen to the full episode here.


Are you at a crossroads or struggling with your what's next? Or feeling a bit lonely as we all navigate through post-pandemic socialization?

If you are shaking your head, "YES," you are not alone.

I have a few live events on the horizon. Not only will you build a new community, but you will have an opportunity to meet cool chicks like Heather. If you are interested, email me - I will share all the details.

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Have a great week!!

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