#119 - It's Time To "Purge + Merge"


Do you ever take things for granted?


I certainly do and was reminded of this the other day when a fabulous human in my group, Tech Talk, could not figure out how to share her “Zoom” screen.

Over the past 2 plus years, I bet you have used Zoom over a dozen times. And if you haven’t, I commend you.


When I got off that coaching call, I started thinking about all of those I have worked with over the years and how the majority of them are challenged when it comes to computer stuff.


I can confidently sit here and tell you that that is not me. And not because I am an above-average tech-savant but more so because I am wildly (to a fault) curious. Nothing lights my butt on fire🔥 more than figuring something out. Google is my friend and so are those “live chat” options that live in the bottom right corner of most digital platforms and apps.

But that is just me.

And the biggest challenge I see is that most of us can’t figure out how to do that. Life is overwhelming and it’s easy to get distracted.

However, a few years back, what I was challenged with was finding my shit. A picture, a letter, a document, a pdf that I downloaded, etc. Where the F is all that stuff and why when I hit “control F” (find) do 3,000 other random files show up? All I really wanted was that one photo from when my son was sitting on the toilet for the first time!

And how about all those multiple files and folders on your desktop, your laptop, and the miscellaneous external hard drives?

No wonder most of my people just give up and forget about the thousands of things that are buried somewhere super deep in the ethers of their digital filing cabinets. A.K.A. your computer.


Those messages about your “storage being filled” are there as a reminder that your device is clogged and cluttered.

It’s no different than the drain in your shower or that proverbial junk drawer in your kitchen.


I bet you clean, organize, and purge your closets once or twice a year as well as your garage.


Your computer needs the same kind of love as your shoe and purse fetish.


“Purging and merging” is something I talk a lot about in my weekly group, Tech Talk 101, and if you are in the program, you know this term very well.

This week, my  3 tips will focus on my favorite place to start when you are ready, willing, and committed to getting your digital filing cabinet running like a well-oiled (and organized) machine!





Tip #1

Create a brand new file on your desktop and call it “Current_2022_Purge.” Then create two sub-folders inside that and label them 1) KEEP 2) TRASH. Start dragging files into each of those folders. That's the first step!

Tip #2
The files that you dragged into the “keep” folder now need to be properly identified. Creating a labeling system is key to your organization. I have been spending a 2-hour block of time each week, dedicated to “purging + merging” my over 70k digital photographs😩. Before I even started, I created a labeling system for each kid, family member, recipe/food item, etc. Each week, I put files in the keep folder, and before I shut that activity down for the day, I label them and put them in their proper folder. Then start over again the next week.


Tip #3
You don’t get it if you don’t ask! If you don’t know how to do something, don’t give up. I have seen over and over again how easy it is to either say “F-it” or hire someone to do the job you SHOULD know how to do before you delegate it. Just the other day I had a client say that she lost a bunch of files on Dropbox. Files just don’t randomly disappear so I suggested she use the chat feature on the platform. She’s still figuring it out but those little bubbles in the bottom right-hand corner of that screen are there for a reason. Take advantage of them.


Taking the time to do the crap that you have ZERO interest in doing is common. Getting comfortable with everything that makes you uncomfortable is something I am encouraging you to lean into.

It’s where you grow the most. And tackling something that scares you and then being able to overcome it is transformational.


Just this past spring, one of my BFFs did the Camino de Santiago hike. 62+ miles over 6 days, one backpack, 2 outfits, and lots of blisters. She was already a badass before she left, but she came back a different person.

When you expand beyond your comfort zone, lots of great things can happen.


And if you are currently totally intimidated and uncomfortable when someone asks you to send them a document or open a shared google document, then you should join us in Tech Talk.


Maybe I am a nerd…but it’s really fun! Check it out here.


Anyway - have a great week!


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