Do you want to amp up your systems to increase your work and life output?


Whether you have an existing business or just starting one, I have a brand new e-book that will transform your recurring tasks and workflows.


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Do you feel that your business systems are disorganized and chaotic?

  • disappointed because you can't focus?
  • frustrated with how much time you are spending repeating the same tasks over and over again?
  • annoyed by constant interruptions?
  • crushed because you put everyone else's needs before your own?

Let's be real...

I am not perfect and to be completely honest, I struggle with so much of the above (and more).

I can be easily distracted; I have people to take care of, a house to run, relationships that need my attention and I struggle with fears, insecurities and feeling invisible.
So, I have had to figure out a strategic system in order to take care of myself and get sh!t done!


It wasn't easy.


But once I adopted a clear path to what was imporant to me, that's when I was able to find the balance that I deserved. Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping others achieve both their personal and professional aspirations and the results have been inspiring! 

Imagine this...


Rather than feeling invisible, scattered, and unfocused, instead had systems to:

  • remove distractions
  • outline your priorities
  • identify a safe space to focus and create
  • pay attention to all aspects of your life

How great would it feel if you could nurture not just your business and your family, but your spiritual practice, and self-care routine, all while having the financial freedom to enjoy your life?

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A step-by-step blueprint that will help you automate your professional and personal recurring tasks to amp up your productivity and get your time back!


Your digital download includes printable worksheets and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • prioritize your workload
  • build personalized Standard Operating Procedures
  • craft swipe files so you don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over
  • understand the 7 key roles to building a successful business
  • and more!
Yes! I want it!

I can help you organize and simplify your systems!


As a business strategist (my clients call me a business therapist) and growth expert, I have guided and helped hundreds of artisans and go-getters build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

I don't just teach this formula to clients and students, I use it myself. You'll see my personal examples of templates in the workbook so you can create yours easily and quickly.

Once you put in the leg work to overhaul your systems and tasks, you'll find you'll get hours back a week!

Susan Salzman: Your productivity fairy godmother
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Automate will give you the steps to take action in both your life and your business.


It will show you how to create systems so that you can:

Automate workbook page samples
  •  guard your time so that you can prioritize getting tasks done in a time-efficient way
  • simplify the complicated when it comes to mastering your messaging
  •  understand your role as a CEO so that you can delegate tasks that drain you
  • leverage templates that you can use over and over again
  • have tools at your fingertips for hiring and other tasks
  • navigate and work through the overwhelm

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Who is Automate perfect for?

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  • on-line digital marketers
  • business consultants
  • coaches and service providers
  • products and services
  • subscription-based B2C business models
  • Busy artisans and go-getters who is building a personal brand
  • even busy moms!

Or anyone who wants to have more time in their day to do the things that they love!


Susan helped me tackle my never ending to-do list

"Until I met Susan and learned about the systems inside the Automate e-book, I did not have one system in place inside my business. Everything in here helped me tackle my never ending to-do list and because of that not only have I created an engaged community of artists and art advocates, but I now have a body of work that is selling from coast to coast. Systems are key to my productivity and I now know that I can’t exist without them."


- Laurey

I'm making my systems & my life run more smoothly!

"Automate has taken me through a myriad of apps and systems that has helped me clean and purge all my content so I can get to what I need more efficiently. I write books for a living and I can’t tell you how many times I was asked to submit a manuscript and for the life of me couldn’t find the right version. I am well on my way to organizing my life by dealing with the mess that is my overloaded computer, and making my systems, and my life, run more smoothly."


- Heather

This e-book is gold!

"I have finally learned to take what I already know and leverage it to my benefit. All I really needed was a few tweaks in my mindset and some solid systems in order to move forward. By following the simple steps Susan lays out in the Automate e-book, I have quickly moved from employee to successful entrepreneur in a matter of months. It’s been so empowering because this helped me realize that I already had what I needed to be successful! I just needed some guidance, and systems and this e-book is gold!"


- Amanda

Saves me tons of time

"Susan and her Automate bundle has redesigned my entire business. It has taught me how to streamline my productivity and how to create systems that are ultimately saving me tons of time. All of which is allowing me to focus on the bigger picture for both my zoom group art classes and my digital courses. This package is brilliant!"


- Shelley

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