Building a business in your 50’s doesn’t have to suck!

Hi, I’m Susan - I help women in the second half of life monetize their mission and get sh!t done with proven systems and strategies.

As seen in:

“There’s something inside me that’s dying to come out. 

But I’m not quite sure what it is...

or what I’d even do with it once I find out.”



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You want to…

› Find purpose and direction in the second half of life. (And if that purpose was profitable, you wouldn’t complain)

› Define what it is you’re meant to do now that your role is changing and you no longer have to worry about getting dinner on the table to feed those hungry mouths 

› Make the next chapter of your life even MORE exciting and fulfilling than the ones that’ve come before 

But so far you’re just spinning in circles, telling yourself…


I can't do this—It’s too late.

“I don’t have the skills to make this work.”

“It’s not like anyone would pay me for that.”

The thing is...

Everything you've done to get where you are today has been preparing you to take this step.


And if you're feeling called to create, then damn it—you DESERVE to build a business you can point to, proudly, and say, “Yeah, that was me”. 

That’s what I’m here to help you do. 

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Are you ready for your What's Next?
I'm Susan.

And I know taking these steps can be scary.

That’s why I’m gonna light a fire under your ass... 

To guide you through (and make sure you take) the next steps necessary to create a life you love. 

You and I are both a member of the “What’s next?” generation!  I’ve been through a lot and learned from the process.  And like you, I’ve worn many hats. 

I’ve been a multi-passionate entrepreneur my whole life, and I’ve seen my fair share of both the highs and lows of business.  

I built a huge lifestyle brand before the internet was a thing (and ended up on stage with Oprah). I was a regular on Extra! and Entertainment Tonight back in the day and graced the pages of every shelter magazine.

And if I’ve learned anything on my journey, it’s this:

Finding your brand’s story is key to bringing your vision to life. 

Let's help you shift from feeling stuck to feeling more confident.


✓ If you feel like you’ve got a talent or skill inside of you that’s just dying to come out…

✓ If you’ve finally got your kids out of the house and you’re ready to turn your hobby into a hot new brand…

✓ If you’ve always thought you had more to give…

You’re in the right place.


Women like you are the world’s most valuable untapped resource. You're literally a walking goldmine of skills, talent, and expertise.

And you are simply sitting on too much f*cking genius to sit around playing Candy Crush and online shopping all day long—agreed? 

(I hope so.)

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Mature woman holding wine and raising hand up

How do you go from “so stuck” to “fired up”?

Today, I work with women entrepreneurs who want to find and monetize their mission with strategic stories that connect with their target audience and communicate their secret sauce—that unique angle that no one else can claim. 

Whether you’ve got an established biz or you’re just starting out, identifying and defining your unique spark is key to growth and success. 

Ready to find out how we can work together?


FREE Self Audit


Gain awareness on your own personal and professional achievements in this free workbook. Plan out next year's goals so you can rock them!


In-Person Experience


Wondering what the next chapter in your life holds? Craft your unique story, get new headshots, and gain clarity and confidence for your next steps.


Exclusive Mastermind


Join my Squad!  A discussion group for women 50+ on how to make LinkedIn your superpower


1:1 Private Consulting


Not a fan of the group experience? Let's work together 1-on-1 so I can help you scale, automate, and monetize your idea or existing business.


Susan simplifies the complicated!

“As I was in the process of pivoting my career, I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to start. In a very distinct way Susan showed me how important it is to create a plan and a roadmap. Because she “simplifies the complicated”, she helped me break down all my big ideas into small bites so I can easily get from one step to the next. Her 5 Stage Framework helped me go from stuck to unstuck!”


- Brittany

I have been able to grow my business in ways I never dreamed possible.

"Susan guided and supported me in connecting more deeply to the work I have always loved the most and, the way to create my business plan in an up-leveled, let’s get a serious way!! With her explorative tools to get to the core of who we are and our unique message, I got clear on what I needed to do to really move my career and life forward. I had been stuck and now I am growing my business in ways I only dreamed of."


- Lori K.

I was overwhelmed!

"As a mother who was becoming empty-nested and about to dive into my next chapter, I was overwhelmed with how to plunge. I didn't know where to start. Susan and her team helped pull all of this together to roll out my business with a social media marketing strategy and brand identity with incredible impact."


- Laurey

I have gone from unfocused to focused.

"Susan’s “What’s Next Roadmap (Stage 1) got the ball rolling again. Until I found this program, I wasn’t able to chart a clear course of action. By the end, I was organized, focused and released all the overwhelm. Susan’s lessons emanate her refreshingly genuine, hysterical, and relatable point-of-view, which I find very comforting and supportive. This community and the program has been life changing for me."


- Sheryl W.

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