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The What’s Next Roadmap is an online digital course that will take you from To Do to Done!

It’s for busy people who desire to create more structure around their personal and professional life while creating a work-life balance. 

Being productive and busy is not the same thing. This system is meant to guide you in focusing on your priorities so that you can spend your time getting the right things done. And be able to do it in a distraction-free zone. 

Because you have lifetime access, there are no refunds. 

This agreement becomes effective once you purchase the course and gain access to all of the resources. 

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What's Next Roadmap

A strategic and systematized way to design your Life Plan in order to achieve your end goals and create the work-life balance that you deserve.


This is for you if you want to:

  • learn how to prioritize what counts, stay focused and eliminate the overwhelm of your to-do list.

  • gaining an understanding of when you are most alert and most productive, allowing you to get more done in less time.

  • Ignore the dings and pings of your devices and learn how to assign yourself “working blocks” so you can focus and finish one project at a time.

  •  Discover your do’s and don’ts and learn to say no to others so you can say YES to yourself!

What you will get:

  • 12-Online course lessons
  • Work at your own pace
  • Resource materials + PDF action worksheets
  • Templates + Checklists to keep you on track
  • A positive and supportive learning space

How you will feel:

  • more productive
  • organized and determined
  • motivated and confident
  • focused and efficient

You will adopt new habits to automate your productivity and be more efficient with your task list and your goals.

Build a Life Plan.  Design the Strategy to create it, a System to execute it, and the Structure that will propel my life vision.



What People Are Saying:

I am an artist and teacher, who happens to have ADHD. My focus and organizational skills are very challenged and Susan’s program helped me understand this. If I can benefit from this, then everyone can. If you are prepared to do the work, this is for you.


Susan is a FANTASTIC coach and cheerleader. Her background makes her exceedingly qualified to help you succeed. Her manner is vibrant and enthusiastic, insightful, and very helpful. But aside from all that, her step-by-step approach is very user-friendly. I always walk away feeling as though I can tackle anything! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Susan is a valuable coach.  She's firm about getting me "off the dime" and actively helped me in working toward the many small goals which ultimately results in reaching a big goal.  She sets deadlines for our work which keeps me from procrastinating.  Although firm, she is also mindful of the many other things that stand in the way of achieving goals in the lives of those who have competing priorities.  


Susan can help you! She is so creative and knows her shit! She comes up with ideas and makes them doable. She makes a big task seem less daunting and she is so enthusiastic. You will feel like you found your best cheerleader!