What is a Personal Brand?

I was recently asked, “What is a personal brand?”

At its core, a personal brand is about creating trust, respect, and authenticity.

Sounds like a relationship, don’t you think?

Well - that is exactly what it is. It is a relationship between you, your imagery, your messaging, and how it makes the visitor, your audience, or the end-user feel.

As more and more of you move into the digital workforce, almost everybody has their own brand, whether you realize it or not – and it can overlap, influence and impact how you build your brand. My guess is that you are a solopreneur and because of that your brand is Y-O-U.

Your personal brand is critical because it is a representation of you that others are presented with when they look for you online, as well as the image that you choose to project in face-to-face interactions. 

If you are doubting that what you have inside of you doesn’t deserve to be shared and monetized, think again. Follow these four steps in building your personal brand:

1. Tap into what you’re passionate about

Aligning your personal brand with your interests as well as how you solve a particular problem is step one. One of my clients is an artist but she is passionate about being an advocate for other artists. These two lanes are aligned and intersect in a beautiful way. Because of that, she has raised her voice and others are listening. As she continues to present herself as an expert and authority figure, her base is growing, and reach is expanding. 

2. Build your digital footprint

It’s becoming more and more challenging to stand out, especially on all the main social network platforms. Consistency in your messaging, visual representation, and free content is key in maximizing your visibility. The way to do this is to offer information that might help others solve their problem. If you are trying to get noticed and amplify your voice, no one really cares what cocktail you drank last night at the local restaurant. Just sayin’.

3. Be your own narrator

What you do isn’t unique. But your story, however, is.  How you craft that story, using the resources you already have is what will make you attractive in order to reach a wider audience. Ask yourself; how have your professional choices dictated your life experiences? Has your career, business, or product been inspired by a life pivot? Who have you helped and how? The more layers you can add to your story, the more interesting you become because you are allowing others to tap into that thing inside of them that you are specifically speaking to.  

4. Make the plan

This is the core of your success. Ask anyone of my clients or those that have been in my groups and they will tell you that the foundation of anything you do starts with the plan. Your goals, milestones, and tasks are the guideposts that get you from point A to point B. Without that, you will simply stay where you are.

By creating a plan for yourself and your brand, allows you to gain a clearer idea of what you want to achieve and how you need to be perceived in order to get it. from there, learn to market those attributes to find your target audience.

If this resonates with you, I am getting ready to re-launch a 5-day challenge; From Uncertain to In-Charge. The last group moved the needle in ways I don’t think they expected and I want that for you too. Dates to come, but if you are curious - leave a comment below.




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